Deodorant testing

Introducing my guest blogger, Clare Morris of CMResource. Like me, Clare has been looking for an effective natural deodorant. When she heard I was trialling a few deodorants she decided to do her own test. This is the result.

I have been using Mitchum deodorant for years as I perspire A LOT.  Knowing it is full of the most awful ingredients but also that I could rely on it in the most hot, anxious, sporty moments.



But conscience and health concerns took over and I found  and they helped me make the decision as a menopausal, hot, clammy, excitable and sporty individual.  I chose Cool Rose and yesterday I went for a run (early but still blinking hot), then drove to my Mothers to help her with lunch (33 degrees) then back to a garden party (still 33 degrees).  The run was without showering and only the residual cool rose from Saturday – still no smell. I then showered and drove in the most incredible heat and then off to a party where I drank and talked until late into the night.

Slept in a pretty warm room and this morning smelt like a rose.

To apply just place the stick on your underarm skin to warm for about 3 seconds then apply.  It goes back to solid almost immediately and all beautifully packaged in card and wrapped in paper, delivered in a recycled cardboard box with a butterfly card telling me who packed my parcel.

I don’t think even Mitchum was that good.

So – Scence gave me great advice, a great produce, great confidence and a clean conscience!

Article by Clare Morris


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